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December 3, 12222

Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph. Since its publication in , Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II has been used by parish-based study groups and individuals throughout North America and in Australia , Europe and Asia. Verrecchio was interviewed about this work by the weekly Catholic newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor in Verrecchio began work as a regular columnist for The Catholic Weekly , [7] the official newspaper for the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia.

They are a welcome addition to our publication. Beginning in April , the "Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II" column was a weekly offering of the Catholic News Agency [7] where it was made available to electronic and print media outlets worldwide. The MissalPrep. In June , Verrecchio made a formal act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a member of the Militia of the Immaculata ; the worldwide evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe - thus the initials M.

According to Verrecchio, he uses the initials signifying his consecration to the Virgin Mary in order to give honor to Mary, and to encourage others to investigate Marian consecration as well. It was released in Fall Since , Verrecchio has repudiated his own prior defense of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, asserting they are "polluted with ambiguities, contradictions and outright errors" that cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the pre-Conciliar Church.

He has been highly critical of the pontificate of Pope Francis , particularly in the wake of the March promulgation of the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia which, according to Verrecchio, undermines traditional Catholic teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.

Since late , Verrecchio has publicly held the position that Pope Francis has "judged himself a formal heretic" and, as a consequence, has surrendered the Petrine office and become an antipope by failing to respond to the dubia questions presented by several cardinals requesting clarification of potential heresies they believe exist in Amoris laetitia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catholic Online PR Wire. Whether it was the Baltimore Catechism or not. I went to Catholic school and we had Religion class.

50 Years of Vatican II

All of our questions were answered. The non-belief aspect of the 60s and 70s was solely the fault of dissidents inside and outside the Church. Live with your girlfriend and have sex with her, illegal drugs were cool, smoke a lot of dope, fornicate, and dress in full conformity to the standards of Hippies.

You had to have the regulation length hair, the regulation clothes, and had to use Hippie-speak. And love porn. Because slavery to the flesh was what mostly mattered. Those outside their tribe were squares and conformists, but they missed the fact that their tribe required a high degree of conformity.

Most of us got married and had kids. To the bolded.

That is not quite true. It was and is an approved, official catechism for use in the US and possibly some other English speaking countries.

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I do like the idea that Confirmation now generally requires at least an overnight retreat. The list of questions and general index render it use very easy. Next Article. Some were very positive and cheerful, but too simplistic. DebChris October 24, , pm 9. McDonnell, D.

It was approved by the Holy See and even recommended as a model by the Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith. I did not realize we had so many different catechisms available to us. God bless. When I was a child late 50s, early 60s we used the Baltimore Catechism. When I read it today, I am amazed at how much crucial content is communicated in very few words.

People who say the Catechism was ineffective forget how parochial schools sometimes were then - sisters or lay teachers who rarely had a B. There were almost no breaks in the school day for the teacher, and no special help for children who needed it. CCD had its own problems, not caused by the use of the Baltimore Catechism. The Catechism got blamed for everything. The Baltimore Catechism was used as a textbook, but really it was more of a syllabus, a guide to the student and teacher of the skeleton of Catholic doctrine, which would then be fleshed out and personalized with the student. Suffice it to say that every child, and adult, should know the content of what is in the Baltimore Catechism.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church does not contradict it, but builds on it, incorporating material from the Magisterium of recent years.

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Just as the Baltimore Catechism had done. The Baltimore incorporated new ideas in later editions - such as St. Same theology, same Magisterium. No discontinuity. Right on! It was a dissident spirit that ate away at the church during that time frame, demoralizing its confidence and bewildering the congregation. I just remember early in life learning about a faith and church that was worthwhile and confident and good, and by the time I was a teenager, so much of the confidence of church teaching and the beauty of churches had been taken away. It was like being born in a gorgeous, fine sturdy mansion and having it stripped down while still living in it.

My husband and I decided to convert our family into the Catholic church last year. I went to a catholic bookstore and bought a few versions of catechism manuals. Some were very positive and cheerful, but too simplistic. However, I ended up using the updated Baltimore Catechism, elementary and middle grade editions.

It also does a very good job explaining the concept of original sin, the basis for the belief in purgatory and its purpose, explaining transubstantiation and even the modern-day-taboo subject of indulgences. This was a subject glossed over with embarrassment when I was in school, and I understand it much better after using the BC to teach our kids. For a clear cut no frills refresher course in the basics of the Catholic faith, even an adult could benefit from the Baltimore Catechism.

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Thank you for your great comment. I am a convert and I love my Baltimore Catechism.

I love the format and it is so concise and to the point. I take it with me to daily Mass and read one or two chapters before Mass begins. There are much better catechisms available for catechists to now choose from than some of those used in the past. Of course the choice is made at the parish level.

Although it was not used by my parish when I taught, I like the catechism from Ignatius press with its traditional Catholic art work and the story of a Saint at the beginning of each lesson. Expectations from students have also changed through the years. By the time my daughter was school aged, only attendance was required to move from one level to the next. I do like the idea that Confirmation now generally requires at least an overnight retreat.

Third grade Catechism was the last time I used the Baltimore Catechism. Fourth grade was the brown Bible Story books. Fifth grade was preparation for Confirmation. Sixth through Eighth grade was an excellent series of books, each concentrating on a different aspect of the Catholic Faith. One year was parts of the Mass, another was the Sacraments, etc. In other words, formal catechism stopped at grade 8. My family prayed the rosary daily. We generally lived among non-Catholics who asked me where I was headed as I waited for the bus Wednesday afternoons.