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Finally, they will complete an Edpuzzle about the flu. Day In this lesson the students will individually complete an interpretive activity that will serve as the summative reading task for this unit. They will also watch a second video about the flu and complete a comprehension guide. Click here for the document that I created. I think my students will enjoy spending time communicating about Caribbean vacations and the exposure to past tense sentences will help many of them demonstrate their ability to perform in the Intermediate Low range. This presentation will familiarize the students with some of the sights in Martinique as well as the vocabulary for common tourist activities.

I will call on individual students throughout the presentation to ask whether they have done each of the pictured activities in order to provide additional input for this vocabulary and these structures.

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The students will then complete a manipulative activity in small groups in which they match sentences to the corresponding photo. I will allow them to use their resource guides for this activity, as it was their first exposure to the vocabulary and structures. I will then project some of the pictures and orally recite sentences which the students will match to the corresponding photographs as a formative assessment. Students will continue working with this vocabulary by completing an information gap activity and then an Edpuzzle for a video about activities to do in Martinique.

Day 2 : I will begin by projecting and discussing an infographic which compares Martinique and Guadeloupe. Students will then watch an authentic cartoon in which Scooby-Doo and friends go to Martinique.

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The students will complete an Edpuzzle and then work in small groups on a manipulative activity in which they match screenshots from the video to sentences. Finally, they will practice and then record a summary using only pictures as prompts. Day 3: I will first present an infographic about Martinique in order to provide additional input and cultural information about the island. I will then project a video which features a trip to Martinique.

The video is in two parts as I omitted a short section which showed people drinking alcohol. Although there is no commentary in the video, it provides an authentic context for the following activities in which the students check which statements refer to things that happened in the video, and then discuss whether they would like to take this trip.

Finally, the students will write a postcard in which this traveler describes what he did in Martinique. The students will then complete a running dictation activity designed to provide feedback on their ability to use the structures that have been introduced in this unit. As a formative assessment they will then write sentences based on photographs of Martinique. Finally, they will complete an Edpuzzle for a video about the Michelin guide to Martinique. Day 5: The students will begin by completing a cloze activity for a song about Martinique, Sur mon ile.

The interpretive guide that I created is intended to encourage the students to identify cultural products and practices, as well as to infer perspectives regarding the culture of Martinique and how it compares to that of mainland France. Although I did not edit the music video, I did insert a… for the verses about rum, for more conservative school cultures. Day 6: After a short presentation designed to introduce the students to a few new vocabulary items, the students will complete a manipulative activity in which they read an article and put historical events in chronological order.

The students will then complete an Edpuzzle for a video about the culture and history of Martinique. The events on cards C, D, J, K are not found in the article linked here. Day 7: The students will read a blog about a trip to Martinique and complete a comprehension guide. In order to ensure that the authentic resources are comprehensible to these students, I will allow them to use the readlang app on their Chromebooks when completing this activity. This app provides an English translation when the user hovers over individual words in an online text. They will then use these slides to practice orally presenting their trip.

Quatre murs et un toit (Live Grand Rex 2018)

Day Students will be seated in two rows, facing each other. They will present their trip to the classmate in front of them as I assess presentations at a time.

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After 3 minutes, one row will move one seat to the right. This will continue until I have assessed all presentations. I sure hope my students enjoy completing these activities as much as I did creating them! The words are taken from this packet. Interpretive Listening: Students worked on the following Edpuzzles. Chansons de Noel: Students completed the cloze activities on this handout and the completed this activity on lyricstraining. In my district level 3 language students are required to complete a semester project of some sort. I have found that an engaging way for my students to meet this requirement is to write a story and present it to their classmates.

Although I have assigned story writing projects during the holidays in the past, I made some tweaks this year that helped my students produce higher-quality stories. Day 1: I began by preparing my students to read a Christmas-themed story by presenting the story using these Google Slides. This was an effective way to introduce new vocabulary to the students in a contextualized way. As I projected the slides, I asked both content-based and personalized questions using the new words.

For example, in slide Day 2: After discussing the correct responses, the students completed this graphic organizer with the elements of the story. We discussed these story elements and then I explained that while many stories are told in the narrative present, I wanted them to use past tenses to tell their stories. I gave them this guide with some reminders about the two tenses. I then gave them a new copy of the story they had read, but on this copy I have whited out the present tense verbs. The students worked in small groups to choose the correct form for each blank and then we went over the activity in class.

Day 3: I passed out another blank copy of the story element graphic organizer and the students completed it with the elements of their own original story. After they had completed the graphic organizer, they used the remaining time to begin writing their story according to the requirements given on the back of the resource guide. Day 4: The students finished writing their original stories.

Day 5: The students created Google Slides that would help them present their stories to their classmates.

afsamydulmi.ml They used remaining class time to rehearse their presentations. Day 6: The students presented their stories to classmates using a speed-friending format. Vite et bien. Colloquial French 2 : the next step in language learning. Shalom cinema! Un pays sans bon sens! Wake-up, mes bons amis. City of dreams. Blood and chocolat. Sandrine's Paris : a cultural history of the world's most romantic city. Robespierre and the French revolution.

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Quatre murs et un toit (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Blandine Butelle. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Quatre murs et un toit (French Edition) eBook: Blandine Butelle: budowsmanrahod.ml: Kindle Store.

La grande illusion 75th Anniversary edition. Advanced French grammar: practice makes perfect.

Quatre murs et un toit (French Edition) eBook: Blandine Butelle: moviqura.tk: Kindle Store

Rather I would endure to be utterly dispossessed, and to lose all that I have, than that you should ever have to woman or to wife! London's Burning Round. Marianneke Marianneke Circle Dance. En avant, madame du sergent Forward, Mrs. A Green Mouse Nursery Rhyme.

Better French: achieving fluency with everyday speech. Collins advanced French grammar with practice exercises. La conjugaison pour tous : dictionnaire de 12, verbes. Easy French step-by-step : master high-frequency grammar for French proficiency--fast! English grammar for students of French : the study guide for those learning French -- 4th edition.

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French grammar and usage -- 3rd edition. McGraw-Hill's French Questions : ace your college exams. Our partners twitter facebook linkedin print. Expertise France relies on an extensive network of French and European partners in order to meet the expertise requirements of partner countries. The agency also works with the private sector and civil society organisations. Enhanced partnerships with French cooperation actors In addition to the development cooperation activity conducted on behalf of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy and Finance, the agency is an international cooperation operator for a number of ministries: Involving the private sector and civil society The agency also mobilises private sector expertise.

The students will then engage in a short pre-viewing conversation before listening as a class to a video in which a girl describes some of her leisure activities. A teacher-led discussion during the viewing will help provide additional comprehensible input. Lastly, the students will begin reading a detailed infographic on leisure activities and completing an IPA-style comprehension guide. This interpretive activity will continue the following day. The lesson will begin with a video and teacher-led discussion of the video as well as personalized questions.

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The rest of the class period will be used for finishing the infographic from the previous day. I often use this type of activity with my novice learners and have found it effective in engaging these students and encouraging their spontaneous speech. I will begin this lesson with another infographic-based discussion, which will be followed by an interpretive activity for an infographic on teens and sports.

This discussion will provide additional input that will prepare the students for the interpersonal and presentational activities that follow. Finally, the students will complete a series of Edpuzzle formative listening assessments for cartoon videos in which Trotro the donkey does various sports-related activities.

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This lesson, on the topic of music, will again begin with a teacher-led discussion of an infographic as well as personalized questions about music. The students will then complete an interpretive activity about a music-themed infographic and a related conversation. This lesson will begin with a cloze activity for the current top song Je joue de la musique.

The students will then complete a presentational writing assignment designed to encourage them to synthesize what they learned about the listening habits of French teens and compare these practices to their own. The students will both practice the conversation prompt and prepare a draft of the writing prompt. I will divide the class into two separate groups, enabling me to provide feedback to those students who are speaking.