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June, , and September, Planting trees on the Black River Falls project 13 photographic prints. Photographs show planting trees on the Black River Falls project. Work camp; workers at dinner; kitchen. Stand of jack pine. Nursery beds. Civilian Conservation Corps terracing and working in a quarry in Vernon County. Photo, Print, Drawing Farms in Wisconsin. Farms in summer and winter 87 photographic prints. Photographs show farms in summer and winter. Wheat, dairy, and tobacco farms.

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The balloon p. We are sad today at the loss of Debbie in our daily lives, and our days will truly never be the same without her in them, but we take some comfort in knowing that she is now resting in peace, free of the health issues she has faced so bravely and with such grace. Plants in the window. He had lived in Beloit until when he returned to Maquoketa. I am glad that we do as well as our neighbours. The Air Committee of and its functions.

Rocky farm land. Corn, sorghum cane, alfalfa, rye. Picking, weighing, flailing beans. Loading hay. Drought refugees from Nebraska. Houses and farm buildings, occupied and abandoned. Roads and roadside stands. Portraits of farm people. Foreign Information Service - United States. Harvesting and processing cherries 37 photographic prints.

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Photographs show harvesting and processing charries. The largest cherry orchard in the world.

Migrant pickers, mostly boys and girls between 16 and 24 years old, who come regularly from the vicinity for three weeks' vacation. Good housing in tents, dormitories, cabins. Being ttansported to orchard by truck. Picking fruit. Ball game. Fruit growers' cooperative canning plant at Sturgeon Bay. Tobacco farmers in the fields gathering and spearing tobacco leaves 10 photographic prints.

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Photographs show tobacco farmers in the fields gathering and spearing tobacco leaves. Wagon for trnsporting to barn. Racks in curing barn. Photo, Print, Drawing Cheese-making industry in Wisconsin. July Preparing American cheese curds 38 photographic prints. Photographs show preparing American cheese curds. Pressing Swiss cheeses. Brine bath; cooking; cheeses in storage. Cheese exchange in Plymouth.

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Cheese advertising signs along the highway. Photo, Print, Drawing Dairy plants and creameries in Wisconsin. July-August, Detailed photographs of mechanical butter churns 30 photographic prints. Photographs show detailed photographs of mechanical butter churns. Barrels of powdered milk in a condensing plant. Testing milk samples; pasteurizing, cooling, separating, and weighing milk and cream.

Handling milk cans in quantity. Small town celebrations of Independence Day 15 photographic prints. Photographs show small town celebrations of Independence Day. Flags displayed from private homes and stores. Parade and spectators. Members of the Amnerican Legion and Boy Scouts marching.

Family picnic in park. Photo, Print, Drawing Allouez, Wisconsin. The Great Northern Ore Docks, the largest and most modern in the world, located at the lower end of Lake Superior 52 photographic prints. Photographs show the Great Northern Ore Docks, the largest and most modern in the world, located at the lower end of Lake Superior. Detail of understructure of docks. Great Northern cars coming in from the Minnesota iron range. Unloading ore from cars to dock bins. Loading from bins to Great Lakes boats.

Aerial views.

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Captain of the docks, ore punchers Photo, Print, Drawing Superior, Wisconsin. Loading grain boats at the Great Northern elevators, largest in the world, for shipment to Buffalo Flour Mills. Grain trimmers directing flow, closing hold. Railroad cars filled with iron ore, passing over scales on the dock. Loading wheat and scrap iron on Great Lakes boats. Views of Photo, Print, Drawing Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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General scenes 57 photographic prints. Photographs show general scenes. Mississippi River. Tourist camp in winter. Snow fences. Street car barn and yard. Gas station loading scrap iron into railroad cars. Small businesses and factories; girl picketing candy company.

watch Abandoned factory and mail order house. Shop windows. Billboard advertisements.

Religious signs, Gospel tabernacle, Greek orthodox church. Park on Sunday afternoon Street scenes, principally in the "gateway" district in the vicinity of the railroad station 46 photographic prints. Photographs show street scenes, principally in the "gateway" district in the vicinity of the railroad station. This section, especially Bridge Square, was formerly the greatest labor center in the northwest. Unemployed transients sleeping and sitting in the park.