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11 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers
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What is an Instagram bio & why does it matter?

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You can choose your desired time to have a post automatically delete itself. To Like a comment, tap the Like icon on the relevant comment. The relay feature gives you a separate place to post together with friends on Timeline. Just select Relay on Timeline, and you can share fun memories, secret places only you know, new clothes you bought, and other topics with your friends.

Anybody can make a relay on Timeline! Try using a fun theme and invite your friends to join.

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If you want to share with all of your friends, just choose Friends under Who can join. You can also share a relay with close friends only by choosing a group or custom list of friends. When you start a relay you can choose to send notifications to friends to join.

10 Psychological Signs a Girl Likes you - How to tell if she’s attracted!

You can change the settings to notify friends by tapping the person icon on the top of the relay creation screen. Birthday boards let you celebrate your friends' birthdays by sending them birthday cards and wish effects. When you create a birthday board in advance, it will appear for your friend to see at midnight on their birthday.

If you want to hide the card you create from everyone but you and the friend you're sending it to, choose "Write in secret". You can send up to wish effects per friend, and they will only be seen by the friend you send them to. You can also access the post screen before your friend's birthday from the birthday post creation notification on Timeline. There is no limit to how long you can celebrate on a birthday board, and the content posted on one can be viewed at any time.

Your birthday post won't appear if you have the Show my birthday setting turned OFF. Turn ON Show my birthday. If you can't find the location you want to post, you can search for its name or address in the search field on the location selection screen.

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You can make videos slideshows or GIF animations out of several photos and post them on Timeline. These features let you easily turn your favorite photos into videos. A variety of effects are available to help you make the kind of video you want. Note: The photos you select will appear at the bottom of the screen in the order they were selected.

You can reorder them by tapping and holding them, then dragging them to the spot of your choice. More Close.

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Although I might not have been able to see it then, I now clearly see how broken the academic system is. Your Instagram bio matters. The Supreme Court is known to be a closed and nearly leakproof institution, and Kagan is an institutional loyalist. Hearing that from this guy made me so happy. Unlike my last interview, they started off by telling me about the process I was in.

You can hide a Timeline or profile post from certain friends using one of the methods below. Tap the privacy settings Friends , Public , Only me , or Close friends at the top of the post editing screen. If you select Only me from the privacy settings, you'll be the only person who can see the post. If you only want to share a post with certain friends, please see here. If you exclude a friend from your share settings, they will no longer be able to view any of your posts.

By default, Timeline and profile posts are automatically made visible to newly added friends. To change this setting, please follow the steps below. Tap Timeline. If you do not want to see posts from certain friends, please refer to the steps below to hide them. Tap " Please follow the steps below to unhide a friend and see their new posts.

Note : If you choose to unhide the friend's posts, any posts that were previously hidden will not appear again. If both you and another user have added each other as friends on LINE, you'll be able to see each other's Timeline posts. Posts will not appear to either of you if only one of you has added the other as a friend. Note: If you make a post Public on Timeline, users other than your friends will also be able to view it. If you don't want a post to be viewed by certain friends, please configure your Share settings for those friends. To hide your Timeline posts from friends you add in the future, please turn the Allow new friends setting OFF.

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Note: If you've created a new account, please ask your friend to check their Share settings. If you've blocked your friend or added them to your Timeline hidden list, you can view their Timeline posts again by unblocking them or removing them from your Blocked users list or Timeline hidden list. The audience of a Timeline post can be limited using privacy settings.

The human silhouette icon on a Timeline post means that only some users can see the post.

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Posts you set to share only with yourself or specific friends will also appear on your profile. However, the content of those posts will only appear on your device. When you choose a privacy setting other than Public for a Timeline post, it will not appear to friends outside of that setting or whom you have set as Excluded in your Timeline Share settings. Note: The content of posts set to Only Me will not appear to anyone but yourself. If a user other than your friends or whom you've set as Excluded in your Timeline Share settings visits your profile, they will only see posts that you've made Public.

Since anyone can view Timeline posts that have been made Public , posts from users who aren't your friends will appear in your search results. You can limit who is able to see your posts on Timeline or your profile by choosing a certain group to share with, or by creating a close friend list. Please use one of the methods below. You can configure the settings of your Timeline to display posts in order of most recent, most popular, etc. To have your Timeline display posts in order of most recent, please refer to the following steps:.

All of the friends who joined a relay can see the content posted to it. After the relay period has ended, only the posting feature becomes unavailable. You can still see the posts that were made during the relay period. You can change the relay period settings by tapping the person icon on the top of the relay creation screen.

Timeline From the Timeline page, you can see text messages, photos, videos, stickers, and other activity from your friends and yourself in real time. You can visit your profile using either of the following methods:. To delete a post you made on Timeline or your profile:. To delete a comment, swipe left on it, then tap Delete. To copy it, tap and hold the comment. If you tapped Like on a post or comment, you can undo it by tapping Like once more. You cannot delete Likes and comments left by an account no longer in use.

Only the account owner can delete or hide them. You can give your Home screen more personality by setting a cover photo.

12 Best Tinder ‘About Me’ Ideas (Examples That Get Dates)

Tap your own name at the top of your friend list, or tap your profile icon or name on Timeline. You can turn off notifications sent to your device about Timeline activity using the steps below. Configure the settings for Timeline Notification. To turn off Timeline notifications about updates to your profile and cover photo:.